Music Production OS

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Tailored to freelance music producers, engineers and artist, managers and the whole nine yard modern music industry professional here is the Music Production OS.

Keep track of songs that you write on your own or with other peers using Notion as a collaboration tool.

Keep track of music production, mixing and mastering projects and the overall development of these with built-in Notion automations that modify the progress based on your choices.

For those that manage a band or are a part of a bigger project or several projects at once, use the Artist Roster database to keep track of these projects and rollup to the areas that are most important on them.

For those that own studio facilities regardless of the size, use the built in Gear Inventory to keep track of the gear you have, the state of that gear, cost of entry and maintenance and more.

Included for free, the software library helps you on getting all of your software plug-ins, DAW and other digital tools for your music creation and mixing under control. We already included some brands as starting points yet, feel free to modify these and add new if required. Keep track of serial codes of your acquired plug-ins as well.
Disclaimer, we do recommend keeping this data privately.

Use and create your own resources for collaboration with other people such as onboarding documents for an assistant engineer or even your terms and conditions to deliver to clients or instructions on how to deliver multitracks, sessions and more. Feel free to make these your own.

As we understand that most people dive in through different tasks with their phones we've also added customised mobile view for all databases that we understand as recurring for the entirety of the template.

Music Production OS offers a solid foundation in which to keep track of your projects.

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Access to both versions of the template in English and Spanish.

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Music Production OS

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